Photo by: John Packman

Photo by: John Packman

Leyland writes and photographs long-form features that focus on the intersection of culture, economics and the environment. His work has primarily been in the Middle East and North Africa, and Canada. 

His first love is for philosophy- for the unending questions and mental gymnastics needed to constantly see things in different ways. His studies were focused mostly in the nature of moral theory and metaethics. He then went on to teach world history and political theory, before finally deciding the best way to combine everything was to become a journalist. 

Leyland is interested in projects relating to social mobility, marginalization, energy and security. Previously a national reporter for The Globe and Mail, he is a recipient of the Pulitzer Centre Grant for Crisis Reporting and a member of the Frontline Freelance Register. Currently based in Toronto. He is represented by The Cooke Agency.


The Globe and Mail

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Vanity Fair

Al Jazeera America

The Guardian

National Geographic Magazine


The Washington Post


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Contact: leylandcecco [at] gmail [dot] com