While the summer months in Canada usher in more time in the sun, the nights also hit back with more time being eaten by mosquitoes. For most of us, they become an annoyance that we learn to deal with. However, for many countries in sub-Saharan Africa, they mean much more.

In Uganda, malaria, which is transferred through mosquitoes, is endemic in 95% of the country, It's also the leading cause of death for children under the age of 5. When the numbers are crunched, around 100,000 deaths are attributed each year to malaria.

As a traveller, I was fortunate enough to have the drug mefloquine to prevent the disease. Worst side effect? Slightly weird but hilarious dreams. Unfortunately, many kids don't get access to these drugs. 

Here's the crazy thing about malaria. It's totally preventable. With a $5 net. And you can help buy these nets for people in Uganda.

Here's the site:

These nets are 90% effective, meaning the kids have one less thing to worry about.