Right To Movement Marathon

Note: This story was originally published by Al Jazeera on April 21st, 2013. To see the set of images, go to http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/inpictures/2013/04/2013421121436894902.html

This marathon was a great opportunity to shoot a story that was more uplifting than the stuff I had been covering in the few months. While the weather was finger-numbingly cold and wet, spirits were high for the runners as they took to the streets.

One interesting thing that I noticed was the way the 'Separation Wall' has been turned into a tourist destination. Much of the art along the wall isn't done by Palestinians, but by American and European artists who spend a short time in the area and leave their mark on the area in the form of inspirational graffiti. The trend was started by infamous street artist Banksy, and now shops have sprung up to capitalize on the wall's new-found commercial value. Many Palestinians have less than kind things to say about the wall's art. One event organizer told me that "the wall is oppression. Don't try to beautify the oppression."

The following are a few shots that didn't make it into the Al Jazeera piece.